The Home of Barefoot Bowls

If you are looking for a unique and fun way to spend time with friends, family or work colleagues then a barefoot bowls experience at Heathmont Bowls Club is a must do. And where better to tick this bucket list experience off than the ‘home of barefoot bowls’?

Anyone can play it, no matter how young or old, we’ll get you on the greens and have you bowling in no time. It is ideal for work parties, corporate events, team building or having fun in the sun with friends or family.

Barefoot Bowls at Heathmont Bowls ClubWhy not bring your friends along to our regular barefoot bowls and BBQ evenings in the summer?

Or make your special function at the Club even more special, and memorable, by including barefoot bowls for your guests. You can be sure they will remember it for many years to come.

Contact us today about booking a barefoot bowls package – it's guaranteed to knock your socks off.

History of Barefoot Bowls

In the 1970's, a group of the Heathmont Bowls Club ladies team, on returning from celebrating at the Melbourne Cup, - a tad merry and still dressed in racing carnival attire - caused quite a stir by kicking off their high heels to play bowls in their bare feet; in what is thought to have been the first ever recorded game of barefoot bowls.

Since then the bare foot bowls concept has grown considerably and is emulated by bowls clubs across Australia and internationally.

Can anyone play bowls?
Yes, young or old bowls is accessible to all.
Do you have to play it barefoot?
You can also wear thongs or flat soled shoes - although it is more fun in your barefeet! No heels though.
Can I include barefoot bowls with a function?
Yes. This is quite popular.
Can we imbibe alcoholic beverages whilst barefoot bowling?
Yes. We have a modern outdoor decking and seating area where you can relax and partake in a tipple from the bar whilst soaking up the fun.
Do you have BBQ facilities
Yes. Nothing better than the aroma of sizzling sausages while you have a bowl.
What happens if I go home wearing someone else's sock?
People will laugh uncontrollably at the unfortunate victim, who will then likely spend an eternity tortured by 'the mystery of their missing sock'.
How much does it cost?
$10 per person, depending on your exact requirements.
How do I book barefoot bowls?
Please contact us - details below.

Please contact Events / Venue Manager for further details: 0415 513 150

To make a barefoot bowls booking enquiry, please fill out the enquiry form below and press send.

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